Anasuya : Is the claim that Anasuya gave up jabardast due to children true..?

Anasuya: It is known that Anasuya, who gained popularity as a heroine through Jabardast comedy show, left the show recently. It is also known that Anasuya said in the last episode that the main reason for leaving Jabardasth was the successive offers in films. She said goodbye to the Jabardast program saying that she could not spare a single day in a week. Her fans are indulging in various speculations as to whether she has given up on film offers or is there any other reason.

First there was a rumor that she stopped getting a big offer from Star Maa. But there are no records of major programs being done there. Star said that she did not stop because of us. Recently, there is a rumor that she has left the Jabardasth program because her children are growing up. As Anasuya has two sons and two sons are also getting older, Anasuya thinks that it is not good for them to watch the Jabardasth program.

reason behind anasuya quit jabardasth comedy show

Some people are expressing the opinion that Jabardast program has slowly drifted away. Anasuya should be congratulated if the same is true. At this time when the sons are growing up, some analysts are expressing the opinion that it is commendable to leave the Jabardast program without causing them pain. The actual reason behind Anasuya Jabardast’s departure from the show is not officially known. But such rumors are being spread by different people.

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