Anasuya : Anasuya’s difficult life… Is that the main reason?

Anasuya : Anasuya, the beautiful grandmother who got full popularity with Jabardhast show. Anasuya got movie offers while she was showing her strength as an anchor. Anasuya, who has proved herself as an actress with blockbuster hit movies like Rangasthalam and Pushpa, is ready to entertain with Rangamarthanda, Pushpa 2, Ari.. Simba and Michael movies are in the shooting stage. It is known that director Prabhu Deva direction has signed two movies in Tamil. Apart from these, it is reported that more than half a dozen other films are in Anasuya’s list.

But since Anasuya came out from Jabardhast, her craze seems to have reduced a lot. On the other hand, Vijay Devarakonda has been trolling her on social media since she indirectly tweeted about the movie Ligar. Moreover, Anasuya is also giving a bitter reply to those who call her aunty, saying that she is uncle and grandfather. Recently, Anasuya is in the news with controversies more than her films and projects. The reason for that is that there is a flaw in Anasuya’s horoscope..some people say that if she performs compensatory pujas, good days will come again for her.

Anasuya faces a lot of problems

Anasuya : Just do it..!

Many people are saying on social media that we can see the previous Anasuya again if we do the Shanti Parihara Pooja soon. We have been seeing Anasuya giving cute pictures every now and then on social media. Anasuya makes noise by appearing in new looks every now and then. While Anasuya entertained in a deglamorous role as Sunil’s wife in Pushpa, everyone is curious about her role in Pushpa part 2. Anasuya’s role in Pushpa 2 is said to be thrilling.

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