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Producer MS Raju has produced several super hit films for Tollywood. ‘Manasanta Nuvve’, ‘Okkadu’, ‘Varsham’, ‘Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana’. Became a director and received success with the film ‘Dirty Hari’. His latest film is ‘7 Days 6 Nights’. Sumant Ashwin, Mehr Chahal, Roshan and Kritika Shetty played the lead roles. Launched as a romantic entertainer, the film is set to release on the 24th of this month. Director MMS Raju spoke about the film in a recent interview.
Raj Kapoor prepared the story under the influence of ‘Barsaat’ movie.

I created this film inspired by two characters in that movie. I designed the character of Sumant Ashwin as the character of Raj Kapoor. He has a purpose in life. The girl he loves leaves him and goes to America. With that he becomes careless.

Did you make the film targeting young audiences?
Currently, only young people are coming to the theaters. That is why we say that it is a youthful movie. But Adult‌ Content‌ is not a movie. It has elements that family audiences love. What certification would the censors give if we filmed across borders? But our film got the UA.

I had success as a producer but not as a director. With that quest I wrote a strong story for this movie. Youthful cinema so young people should be nervous. How do they feel, how do they behave, how do they behave? Not to mention go home alone Goa. Six days wandering around knowing what the youth were talking about.

Reason to put your son Sumant Ashwin as a hero

Many people think that this movie was made to give a hit to our boy. If so Dirty Hari would have made the picture with him. I took it in the film that he could fit any character and do justice to any story. Roshan laughs a lot at this. There is another character who is emotional. Sumanth Ashwin seemed to fit in.

Do you think your perspective on film selection has changed?

It seems like I’ve reached retirement age but the quest for filmmaking is still growing. The movie should go at a pace once it starts on the screen, not even giving the audience a chance to look at the phones. I want to screen such new style films. A small twist in the story‌ My desire is for the film to change the outcome of the film.

Movies you are currently doing

I am making a movie called Sati. It is a story that takes place between husband and wife. Filming is complete. The film runs in the mystery genre. I am doing a sequel to one of my past films. We are preparing to make the film in 14 languages. Work on the film is set to begin in October

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