Amigos | Balakrishna song remake in Amigos.. Leaked in promotion

Nandamuri KalyanRam is going to hit the theaters soon with Amigos. Amigos will have a grand release in theaters on February 10. The already released teaser is raising the expectations of the movie. Kalyan Ram started promotions in the background of the film’s release date. He had a fun chit chat with the fans as part of the promotions.

A fan calls Kalyan Ram in the makeup room. While the fan says Bimbisara Super Nna.. Kalyan Ram says that Amigos will release on 10th of next month. So if you ask what amigos is.. it means friends in Spanish. In this movie three (doppelgangers) There are people who are like humans. How did those three meet? How did they become friends? Kalyan Ram says that the film revolves around what happened between them and gives a new experience.

Moreover, Kalyanram concluded that they are going to remake the super hit song from Balakrishna’s album for the fans.. Guess what. According to Kalyan Ram, there will be many nights in Dharmakshetram movie..but it is understood that the song is going to be remade in Amigos.

How did Kalyan Ram’s chit chat go?

Amigos teaser..

One by one video song..

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