‘Alluri’ received a backlash on the first day… What did hero Sri Vishnu do in shock…!

Young hero Shree Vishnu – Kayadu Lohar in the movie Alluri. Directed by newcomer Pradeep Varma, the film is produced by Bekkam Venugopal. Nagashaurya Krishna Vrinda Vihari movie released today. As the films of both the young heroes are released on the same day, there are good expectations about the film. Moreover, the stylish star Allu Arjun also came to the promotion of this movie, so there was a good buzz.

However, due to financial reasons, the film faced a big setback on the first day. Morning shows of Alluri Cinema have been canceled in AP and Telangana. All the distributors canceled the morning shows of this movie as the producer had financial dealings with the movies before. But the hero Sri Vishnu himself stepped into the field and tried his best to settle these issues.

Finally the shows of this movie started from matinee. Shri Vishnu himself responded to this on his social media platform. Due to some reasons, we could not bring Alluri morning shows to you.. From matinee everything is in your hands, he tweeted. Many film lovers and Sri Vishnu fans are expressing their impatience due to the cancellation of Alluri morning shows.

They all express their impatience on social media that the movie has a good buzz.. They have booked tickets for the morning show but they are very disappointed as the morning shows are cancelled. The movie Alluri, which was made in the background of the police system, was made as an action entertainer. Sri Vishnu played the role of a police officer in this movie.


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