Alluri Movie | ‘Alluri’ trailer with high action scenes.

Alluri Movie Trailer | Srivishnu is showing diversity as a hero in the film industry by choosing stories that reflect reality. He created a unique identity among the audience by choosing stories with content regardless of success. Sri Vishnu is always at the forefront of introducing new stories to the audience regardless of the outcome. Recently he acted in ‘Bhala Thandanana’ which disappointed the audience. Currently Sree Vishnu starrer ‘Alluri’ is ready for release. Directed by Pradeep Varma, the film has completed its shooting and is ready for release. In this sequence, the makers are announcing successive updates and increasing the curiosity about the film. The makers have recently released the trailer of the film.

Those who want to achieve something in life set a goal. Aiming is not a big deal. Achieving the goal is no big deal either. But have you seen the struggle for that goal, it is amazing’, the trailer started with Bharani’s dialogue. Governments change every five years. Have you changed in that government? Will change. If we insist on change, we will have to change’. ‘Police is not a person sir. Police is a system. In that system, if a police officer dies, another police officer will take his place. But after this operation we are doing, at least 40 children should say that they will become police officers’, the dialogues are increasing the curiosity about the movie. The love track in between is entertaining. Action scenes are good. Sree Vishnu is impressive in the role of a serious policeman. The dialogue at the end saying ‘Anger means annoyance to me’ sir is impressive.

Till this time the teaser released from the film has received a great response from the audience. Sri Vishnu is acting as a policeman for the first time. He showed a different variation as a policeman. Dialogue delivery and Vishnu’s poise as a policeman is impressive. The film is produced by Bekkem Venugopal under Lucky Media banner. The film will hit the screens on September 23.

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