‘Alluri’ is a great inspirational film.. Connects to everyone: Sree Vishnu interview

Promising hero Sree Vishnu’s prestigious film ‘Alluri’. Pradeep Varma is making his directorial debut with this film. Beckem Venugopal is producing the film under Lucky Media banner while Beckem Babita is presenting it. Sree Vishnu shared the features of the film in a press conference on September 23rd worldwide release.

Alluri means powerful. Alluri Pan India won the victory. How is your wedding going to be?
He is a real beauty. This Alluri story is inspired by him. In the climax of Krishna’s movie Alluri Sitharamaraju says ‘If one Alluri dies, a hundred Alluris are born’. Our Alluri is one of those hundred people. (Laughs). This is a police story. Let’s take the fictional character Alluri and base it on some true events. We are going to show you an amazing time line of what a policeman has done in his 15 years of service since he joined the force.

They say true events.. How long did you research to make this story?
Director Pradeep Verma came to me with the complete story. In the course of making the film, it is known one by one that the events in this story actually happened. When I heard this story, I felt that there is so much depth in the police system. This is a story of a policeman who remains honest and fulfills his duty in any situation. It shows the good and bad in the system. We will also show the solution to the evil.

Did you meet any police officers while doing this story?
I didn’t meet them while making this film, but I met a lot of police officers during the last fortnight’s trip. I thanked them for their services.

When did Pradeep Varma tell this story?
Said five years ago. By the time I had to finish all my films and take up the sets of this film, everything had to stop for a year and a half due to Corona. Then we started the movie.

How has this role changed your real life?
I speak very gently. I don’t react to many things. But after doing this role, I am raising my voice and talking about some things happening around me.

Allu Arjun said a lot of good things about you at the pre-release event didn’t he?
I have a good friendship with Bunnygari for ten years. They tell me the good and bad of my movies. But he was never asked anything. He never asked anyone in the industry about the film. But this movie needs a new audience. My strength alone is not enough for this. That’s why I called Bunnygari. He came when called. Also, Nani and Ravi Teja supported us as soon as we asked.

You don’t talk much about your films, do you? But the reason for paying extra attention to Alluri? Are you speaking very strongly about Alluri?
If I like the movie, I will definitely say it strongly. Nidi Naadi is the same story, Apatal Adudu, Brochevaru, Rajaraja Chora.. All these movies are very strong. If the story read on paper comes right up on the screen and gives me a satisfaction, I get very sincere words. There is no special preparation for the day. It’s not my movie. I will not speak on stage because it is my film. Alluri is a movie that should reach all sections of the audience. This is a movie that connects with everyone. An inspiring movie. There is a lot of trust in content. It is different while being commercial. That’s why I wanted to promote it more.

Didn’t you say at the Puprirelease event that you have ‘AA’ sentiment?
Actually I thought it should not be mentioned anywhere. But Allu Arjun’s fans have been waiting for the event since two hours in the evening. I watched the event closely as Bunnygari fans came. After seeing the fans, I wanted to say that. Actually the sentiment of AA suits me very well. Except for Gali Sampath, all the other movies have AA sentiment. I am still happy to see ‘Allu’ in Alluri (laughs).

You have a comfort zone. Films made in your comfort zone are successful. But the reason to leave your comfort zone for Alluri?
Staying in the comfort zone will get boring for some time. If you do it like the boy next door with a simple story, the audience will love it. But I can’t get out if I am doing the same movies. As an actor I cannot do different roles. That’s why I make new efforts. But there is no intention to get a mass image in this. Now the three films coming from me are also completely different. As an actor one has to do all kinds of roles.

They said true incidents, right? Will there be inspiration from famous police officers?
There are events inspired by some famous police officers. But no one’s name was taken in this. The whole is a system. Also, when the police duty starts, there is a lot of excitement. But police duty should be performed like Rama. The audience will notice that change in the journey of Alluri’s character. I took special care for my role in this. It should look different in different times. All those luxes look natural.

Your films are completed in less working days, right? Did Alluri take more days?
Alluri has very good action sequences. Everything turned out great. Action scenes take a bit more time. But we thought one hundred days for Alluri. We completed the shooting within 90 days.

Any plans for a sequel to Alluri?
The audience should like it. Alluri is ready to be made as a series if the audience likes it.

Why did director Pradeep Varma tell you this story?
It seemed I am not very interested in the police role. Director Sudhir Varma told us twice to listen to the story. I was not very interested when Pradeep Varma came. But after Pradeep told the story, it felt amazing. Very good story. I wanted to do it anyway. In this story he also told me how to do it in detail with references. Director Pradeep Ney gave me the courage to do this role.

Young heroes are also thinking of Pan India.. Do you have such plans?
Not Pan India but going to do a project with a European film in the next two years. Our Telugu director. Currently the script work is done. This is a very good project. It has universal appeal. I will tell you the details soon.

There is a new heroine in each of your films.. Is there a special strategy behind this?
It is not the same. It is known that the movie Alluri will take a year. That’s why there is no problem with dates with new people. Otherwise, there is no intention to work with the new ones.

New movies to be made?
There are three movies. Hasit of Raja Raja Chora fame is doing it with a new director named Sai and Harsha of Husharu fame.

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