Allu Arjun Pushpa 2 Look: Confirmed.. Bunny is going to look like this in Pushpa 2.. Comments on the new look..

Everyone knows which range is a super duper hit..! This movie, directed by Sukumar, has created a pan India sensation. It broke box office records. Apart from that.. the dialogues spoken by Bunny in this movie.. the mannerism done.. have become a trend on social media. In real life.. have become a habit for everyone. But what if Pushpa movie which created such a sensation is going to get a sequel.. Very excited. Isn’t it.. even in that excitement.. there is also an eagerness to see how the bunny look is going to be…! That’s why Allu Arjun recently gave a hint of what his Ulak is going to look like. With a faded beard.. with torn clothes.. Karim is shooting beedi.. Bunny who matched Mass in Pushpa part 1. There has always been talk that he will look a bit rich in Pushpa 2. Apart from that, there is also a leak that Pushpa, who has grown up to be the leader of a syndicate who cuts sandalwood trees. But keeping these words true.. Bunny has turned into a rich look. As the leader of Gandham Syndicate.. unlike in the first part.. he will look a bit stylish. But matching this talk.. a photo shared by Bunny recently.. Now everyone is impressed. Recently, a photo taken by famous photographer.. Avinash Govarikar has been posted by Bunny on his social media handle. But Bunny’s hard core fans are commenting on social media saying that this is the look that Bunny will carry in the movie Pushpa 2. Not only commenting… Nettinta is also making this pic viral.

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