Allu Arjun: Banni is trending and has explained what actually happened

Varudu is a film directed by Gunasekhar starring Allu Arjun. Punjabi beauty Bhanushree Mehra entered Tollywood with this movie in 2010. But as the film flopped, she did not get many opportunities after the groom. She appeared in some movies as a character artist. Although away from movies, the heroine is active on social media. Nityam always shares her glamorous and fashionable photos. Meanwhile, Bhanushree Mehra’s name suddenly started trending yesterday (March 18). This is because of her tweet. I acted in Varudu with Allu Arjun. But remember that I had no chance. But I learned to find happiness in problems. Especially when I found out that Allu Arjun has blocked me on Twitter,’ Bhanushree first tweeted. Many netizens saw this.. ‘What really happened’? They started posting comments. With this, the name of Bhama has become trending.

Bunny did not hurt the fans..

Three hours after this tweet, Bhanushree made another tweet about Bunny. ‘ Great news.. Bunny unblocked me! I never blamed him for my career failure. It is said in the tweet, “Learning a lot from difficulties and moving forward.” But Bunny fans are already full fire on Bhanushree. They trolled her and posted comments as if they were blaming their hero unnecessarily. Bhanushree gave an explanation once again. ‘ The whole day has been strange. Everything seemed like a roller coaster ride. I didn’t tweet that to hurt Allu Arjun fans. I am also a big fan of Bunny. I laugh at my career. I am laughing at my sufferings. Let’s share love.. not hate’, it said on Twitter. On this occasion, she also shared a video of herself drinking.

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