Allu Arjun : Allu Arjun made the biggest sacrifice to fulfill the wish that his wife Sneha Reddy has always been asking for.. Video

Allu Arjun: Everyone knows how much importance stylish star Allu Arjun gives to his family. As soon as they get any free time, they go abroad and enjoy it. Allu Arjun, who recently participated in the shooting of the movie ‘Puspa 2’, immediately planned a short vacation with his family as the Hyderabad schedule was completed. Bunny went on a short trip with his wife Snehareddy, children Ayan and Arhal. Currently Rajasthan Barwara is on vacation. He shared a picture with his family in Barwara on social media.

Allu Arjun family trip photos

These photos are becoming viral on social media. He also gave a caption to this photo while sharing it on Instagram. There is a very nice pleasant atmosphere here. A small sweet break with family was captioned. And Allu Arjun will participate in the shooting of Pushpa 2 movie at the end of this month. The movie Pushpa was released pan India and became a blockbuster hit. Pushpa 2 is being made with a huge budget. This movie is being produced by Mythri Movie Makers.

allu arjun family vacation rajasthan

Also, this movie will be released on a large scale in southern languages. They are also planning to release it in Japanese and Russian. In any case, Allu Arjun gained pan-India recognition with this film. Fans believe that Pushpa To will also be a blockbuster hit. Rashmika Mandana acted as the heroine in this movie. Rashmika will continue in the second half as well. It is also reported that Anasuya, who played the role of the villain, will continue in Pushpa 2.


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