Allu Aravind is ruining Bunny’s life..? Would any sane person do this..?

Allu Aravind .. is ruining Bunny’s life for his own son’s popularity for his publicity..? Film analysts say yes. We all know how the name of Allu Arjun, who has gained a reputation as a stylish star hero of Tollywood, is changing in recent times. And especially after acting in the movie Pushpa which was made at the pan India level, Bunny’s name became viral at the India level.

Meanwhile Banni, who gained pan India level craze with the movie Pushpa, is soon ready to make his mark with the movie Pushpa 2. Not only that, the present Bollywood hotties are also showing interest in doing a film with Banni. In many interviews, the same thing is said openly. Good offers are coming from Bollywood too.

At a time like this, fans are unable to digest the news that Allu Aravind is going to do a talk show with Bunny on Aha OTT. Recently, she posted a pic related to this and gave an update saying “Big Announcement Soon”. Soon Bunny is going to appear in a talk show as a host. Bunny fans are getting fur in this order. Does anyone do this..? Will you destroy your own son’s life like this..? Some Allu Arjun fans are getting angry. Others are commenting that they are eagerly waiting to see the latest talent in Bunny. Is this decision taken by Allu Aravind in Bunny Life good..? Is it bad..? They are discussing that..!!

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