Allari Naresh: Those 20 minutes are the life of the movie!

Allari Naresh: We have seen Allari Naresh, who turned from a comedy hero to one who makes films with content, a sensational hit in the past with Nandi. While Allari Naresh’s performance in this movie impressed the audience, the content of the movie surprised the audience with its serious note. And with the success of this movie, now again this allarodu is coming to the audience with a serious story.

Allari Naresh : I thought that movie would be a big hit.. but..

Naresh’s latest movie ‘Itlu Maredumilli Prajanikam’ has created a good buzz among the audience with the title announcement. And the posters, teasers and trailers of this movie have increased the expectations of this movie. Meanwhile, as the film is getting ready for release, the film unit organized the pre-release event of the film. In this sequence, Allari Naresh made many interesting comments regarding this movie. Allari Naresh said that this film will bring him good name. Meanwhile, Allari Naresh said that the climax episode in this movie is brilliantly shot and it will be the lifeblood of the entire movie.

Allari Naresh: ‘Maredumilli public’ will come only then..!

Allari Naresh said that the action sequences composed by fight master Prithvi will impress the audience and everyone has worked very hard for this film. He said that the way director AR Mohan directed this movie will be remembered by the audience forever. While Anandi is playing the heroine in this movie, the film unit said that the movie will be released worldwide on November 25.

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