Akkineni Amala who says she will not act with Nagarjuna.. the reason is..

Akkineni Amala | Young and versatile hero Sharwanand is the hero of the film that came before the audience in the film Only One Life. Debutant Mr. Karthik directed this film. Amala Akkineni, Ritu Varma, Priyadarshi and Vennela Kishore played key roles. Dream Warrior Pictures, a popular production company that entertains the audience with different storylines, has made its debut in Telugu with this film. Produced by SR Prakash Babu and SR Prabhu, the film released in theaters on September 9 and became a blockbuster success. In this background, Amala Akkineni participated in the press conference and shared the features of the film.

After watching ‘Oke Ek Keevan’, you say that you are the right choice for emotional mother roles.. Will you do similar roles in future?

As an actress, what is better than being loved by the audience? I am always ready to do roles that appeal to the audience. But doing such roles is challenging.

The reason for the hiatus after Life is Beautiful?

After Life is Beautiful, I did two Malayalam, three Hindi films and one web series. Doing projects in every language. But this is after Life is Beautiful in Telugu. But for the last five years I have been looking after Annapurna Film and Media. I am responsible for the future of hundreds of students. Keeping this responsibility aside and keeping busy with acting is difficult. But when I hear a story that touches my heart, I will definitely do it if I feel right for that role. Only one life is such a heartwarming story. An honest film is always liked by the audience. Only one life proved it once again.

After watching the movie, how did you feel Nagarjuna talking emotionally?

I had already prepared Nagarjuna that ‘Oke Ek Khevan’ is a heart touching movie. I said my heart will open after watching this movie. Nagarjuna remembered their mother Annapurnamma. It’s really a great feeling. Everyone who has seen this movie will remember those who are close to their hearts. That is the beauty of ‘One Life’.

If you get a chance to go on a time mission, which time will you go to?

Going ten years into the future (laughs). Now we are doing many things. It remains to be seen what kind of result those works have given. I want to know if they are successful or not (laughs).

How destiny and time are defined in real life, can a man win his life regardless of destiny?

We try for every opportunity in life. In one attempt there is success and in another there is failure. Preparing us for failure and victory. I think success in life has equal importance to failure. Failure teaches many things. I think life time is a rehearsal and the right time will come. I must have put in a lot of effort to achieve such a success. Some attempts may not yield success. But I think all those experiences pave the way for success.

When you see your character on screen, do you remember the memories of your mother?

After watching this movie, my mother hugged me very tightly and said ‘I am so proud of you’. I will never forget it. Along with Nagarjuna, Akhil, all our family members are deeply connected to this film. They traveled with only story and characters without seeing me. The movie that gave great satisfaction and comfort was ‘One Life.

Will there be time to look after the Blue Cross work?

Blue Cross of Hyderabad is happy to get world class recognition. There are good doctors and management staff. Blue Cross has reached a great level. Provides excellent service whether I am there or not. But from my side I go and work voluntarily every Saturday.

Do you talk about movies at home?

Nagarjuna, Chaitu and Akhil talk about their projects planning. I will listen. But in film school we mostly discuss movies. In-depth analysis of films with students is mostly done in film school itself.

If you get a chance to act with Nagarjuna, would you do it?

We always meet at home. Don’t come on screen again. (Laughs). Recently I saw his Brahmastra. I like it very much. Nagarjuna productions created a lot of impact even though it was only for a short time. I am happy to get a very good response from Mumbai as well.

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