Akash Puri: ‘This is the real truth about my uncle’s divorce’ .. Akash Puri’s comments going viral ..

Akash Puri: It is no exaggeration to say that director Puri is not the average movie goer who is unaware of Jagannath. Jagannath started his career as a general assistant director and rose to become a top director in Tollywood. No matter how many successes Anne saw, Puri faced many failures. Puri, who saw a peak in his career, eventually came to the point of selling even the dogs he had bred. However, the ball bounced back as fast as it could hit the wall. Apart from the successes, there were also many rumors circulating about Puri’s personal life. At one point, it was reported that Puri was divorcing his wife and cohabiting with another heroine. Puri, however, has been denouncing the news from time to time.

Recently, however, Puri’s son Akash Puri responded to the news. Aakash is currently starring in the movie ‘Chor Bazaar’ which is coming out on the 24th of this month. In a recent interview, Akash responded to the rumors about his father. ‘I have never heard the news that my mother-in-law is getting divorced. Sell ​​big support to Dad. Theirs is a love marriage. Some people keep writing that they like getting divorced for timepass. But that is not true. ‘

Akash shared an interesting thing about his parents ‘love ..’ Let’s call my father and mother while our parents are in love and come and get married? He asked. Ha, coming mom. I have only Rs.200 in my pocket. Don’t even know what tomorrow will be like, will you marry me? To ask that. The moment came to do without even thinking. Are there really so many lovers? It seemed ‘, Akash checked the rumors against their parents.

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