Ajith’s ‘Tegimpu’ premiere review… Did you copy Mahesh’s movie…!

Kollywood star hero Ajith’s Tunivu.. Tegimpu movie in Telugu has hit the theaters worldwide today. Already the premieres in Tamil Nadu are getting hotter there. Also, the talk came out after the premieres of Tegimpu in overseas. What are the comments of the audience who watched the movie there? Let’s see how the talk is.

In the first half of the film, Ajith’s screen space was less, but the interval was full of bang. In the second half, Vijay’s disaster movie Beast, Mahesh Sarkar’s song reminded me of the movies. Some say it’s a decent thriller, while others say it’s a mass action entertainer. It is said that the entire film revolves around bank frauds.. If the story is played with Ajith Mania in the first half.. the actual story will start from the second half.

Ajith’s fans are praising it as a blockbuster.. Ajith’s one man show. How about making H Vinod’s film in Shankar’s style? Everyone is mesmerized by the thrilling action scenes and eye-popping visuals. But negative comments are also coming on the movie. If you watch Ajith’s movies for some time now, you don’t see any story at all. They are pulling with some stylish action and fights. It is said that the same has been repeated in this movie.

In addition to this, there are comments saying that CG’s work is not good.. The casting is not set at all.. Vijay’s beast is a disaster.. Even after watching that movie, why did they choose the same type of story again? A netizen is commenting that all the money I paid for the ticket was wasted. Overall, there is a lot of mixed talk.

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