Ajay Devgn: The Bollywood hero who had a lot of hopes on the movie Bhola..

Bollywood star hero Ajay Devgn, who is waiting for the release of Bhola, is struggling to make the movie a success. With successive flops in his career, he is trying new strategies to get a hit this time and get on the track of success. After covid, the success rate in the Bollywood industry has fallen drastically. What’s more, in the last two or three years, all the films that can be counted on fingers in the North industry have not been successful. With this, the heroes are doing various experiments to hear the hit sound. While one or two heroes are making it big with big hits, the rest of the stars are struggling to get on the hit track.

Now it’s Ajay Devgn’s turn. Ajay is coming to the audience with the movie Bhola at the end of this month. This Bollywood star is busy with the promotion work of this movie which has already completed its shooting. Compared to the previous films, the promotions of this film are being done quite seriously. Ajay is taking extra care as he is also the director of Bhola movie. That’s why they are trying to remind the vintage Bollywood movie by rushing with a series of press meets. Ajay has especially designed the posters in 70s and 80s style. These designs are getting good response from the audience.

Bhola, a remake of the South super hit Khaidi, has high expectations in the North circles. Ajay made changes in the original story to suit his image and made this movie as an action thriller. That is why they are very confident about success. And it remains to be seen whether Bhola will make Ajay a hit.

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