Ajay Devgn-Tabu: Real friends who are ruling Bollywood cinema..

Ajay Devgn-Tabu : Lately Ajay Devgn is doing movies in different genres. No matter what genre the movie is made, there is one thing that seems to be common. That is his close friend Tabu. Tabu looks like a special attraction in every movie of Ajay. They have been real close friends since childhood and are seen in every movie on reel. In Bollywood, Ajay Dev Gun and Tabu are close friends from college. That friendship continues even after entering the movies. Recently, Ajay Dev Gun is playing an important role in every movie. They have already done 9 movies in combination and the shooting of the 10th movie has also started.

Ajay and Tabu are playing the lead roles in the romantic thriller Khufiya directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. Both of them completed Bhola before starting Khoofia. Tabu is playing the character of a strong policeman along with Ajay Devgn in Bhola which is a remake of South’s Khaiti. These two are best friends who have shared the screen in many films before. The magic of these two was repeated in the recent blockbuster Dhishya 2 in which Ajay Dev played Tabu as a police officer in the lead role. The Bollywood remake of Dhishya 2 was also a remake of the Malayalam Dhishya 2. Ajay Dev Gun, who played the role of Pota, was successful in making the movie Tabu a hit.

Ajay and Tabu also shared the screen in the 2019 crazy romantic comedy entertainer Dede Pyaar De. Ajay and Tabu acted as a good romantic couple in this movie. Directed by Luv Ranjan, Dede Pyaar De Ajay, Tabu received good success with chemistry and comedy timing. Earlier in 2017, Rohit Shetty’s supernatural comedy series Gol Maal Again also made Ajay and Tabu laugh hilariously.

Regardless of whether they were friends or made movies together, every movie they made was a memorable hit for the audience. Not only content wise, Ajay and Tabu also gave super hits commercially. Ajay and Tabu did magic at the box office in 1995. The film Haqikat, which came as a love action entertainer, created a sensation at that time. At a time when heroes like Salman and Shah Rukh were doing well, Haqikat, which came as a pair of Tabu and Ajay, became a super hit in 1995 as one of the highest grossing films.

Tak Shak is another movie where Ajay Dev Gun and Tabu magic is repeated. Tak Shak movie became a super hit as a musical. In this action drama movie, Ajay and Tabu once again cultivated their intense relationship on screen and played a major share in the success of the movie. Katrina Kaif, Aditya Roy Kapur and Tabu in the lead roles, Tabu settled for performance in Fitoor. In this film, Ajay Dev Gunn Tabu is seen in a cameo instead of a full-fledged role.

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Vijay Path is another blockbuster movie made by both of them together. Love Action Entertainer, Musically and Commercially gave a super hit to the career of Ajay Dev Gun and Tabu, both Ajay Dev Gun and Tabu have been successfully continuing their friendship off screen as well as on screen since almost 25 years. The audience is being entertained. Both of them have spoken many times about their friendship in public.

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