Aishwarya Bhaskar: Heroine selling soaps in movies or on the streets !!

She is the daughter of a famous senior actress. The heroine who has acted opposite many star heroes .. The actress who has excelled on the big screen and on the silver screen as a character artist. He has acted in over 200 films. Everyone thinks that she is currently enjoying star status and living up to her status. But she is currently in a critical condition. Lives by selling soaps back home. Everything is shocking when he says this to himself. Do you know who that star actress is yet? Aishwarya Bhaskar, daughter of actress Lakshmi, is the senior heroine of the day.

In a recent interview to a Tamil YouTube channel, he broke down in tears, describing his financial situation. ‘I don’t have a job right now. No money. There are no debts either. I make a living selling soap on the streets. The only daughter there got married and left. Now I am the only one in my family. I would not think of doing any work in the present circumstances. Be sure to give me a job in your office tomorrow. If necessary, clean the toilets too. ‘ ‘My career went well for three years when I started acting .. I just got married. After that the film industry gradually had to move away. Right now I am independent. Proud of that. I run a YouTube channel and sell soaps. But now I need a mega serial offer if I want to be financially viable, ”said Aishwarya.

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