Adivi Sesh : Are you taking me out of editing and putting yourself in the trailer.. Adivi Sesh!

Adivi Sesh : Suspense thriller movies specialist Adivi Sesh is the hero of the latest film ‘Hit – The Second Case’. ‘Hit – The First Case’ produced in 2020 by Tollywood natural star Nani is the sequel. With the success of the first part, there are huge expectations for this movie. And with the recently released teaser, they have reached their peak.

Adivi Sesh: Solid update of Adivi Sesh on ‘Hit-2’

Shailesh Kolanu, who is directing this ‘Hit Verse’.. hit everyone with the teaser of Hit 2. But now he is getting ready to scare more with the trailer. In this order, he went to Chennai today to prepare the final cut of the trailer. Meanwhile, Adivi Seshu tweeted comparing Shailesh’s selfie with his own. Seshu says that Shailesh is copying my style as both of them have the same style in that photo.

“Are you buying me out of editing and putting yourself in the trailer?” While tweeting, he informed that the trailer of Hit 2 is coming. Meenakshi Chaudhary will act as the pair of Adivi Seshu in this movie. The chemistry between the two in the recently released song ‘Urike Urike’ impressed the audience. The film is going to hit the audiences in the first week of December.

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