Adi’s shocking comments on Siri and Shanmukh’s romance..How did the anchor say such a harsh word on Ravi..!?

Shanmukh Jaswant.. This name needs no new introduction. He is a popular YouTuber who showed his talent through social media. Not only Shanmukh Jaswant but many common people who don’t show their talent through social media have got crores of fans. But this Shanmukh is in the top place among all of them. That used to matter. Before stepping into Bigg Boss, Shanmukh’s life was the same. On one side of the girl he loves.. on the other side of the people who support him.. Shanmukh has earned a fan following that goes beyond the star hero.

But after entering Bigg Boss Season 5, Shanmukh Jaswant’s mind changed completely. The reputation and respect earned over the years have been lost. S should say the same. The romance, commotion, friendship and caring with fellow contestant Siri seemed very vulgar to everyone. Hugging from behind while saying friends by name ..sleeping under the same blanket..they captured a bit of Bigg Boss and telecasted it ..Shanmukh’s lover Deepti who was outside watching the telecast video ..this made her teary eyed and broke up when she came happened fast. . This made Shanmukha’s life like before Bigg Boss and after Bigg Boss.

Jabardast comedian Hyper Adi raised this matter at a time when everyone was forgetting it. Recently Hyper Aadi performed a skit as part of Navratri event. In this order, the promo related to this has become viral on social media. So if Hyper is acting as Adi’s father, then Siri is acting as daughter. In this order, Hyper Adi ..threw Panchulu in his own style. “Siri comes and says that father is boring me since two days.. With this, Hyper Adi makes a satirical satire about Bigg Boss saying that if you are bored for two days, then what is our situation to bear them for 100 days. Later Siri said, “Didn’t I entertain you?” Dad said, “I gave all the fun to Shanmuk.. What did Mac give me?” Shanmukh’s fans are seriously hurt by this. Moreover, Siri is ashamed of hyper Adi’s words. In this event, the anchor Ravi did not even leave Ravi, Hyper Adi.. Ravi said that he does not understand whether to go here or there. With this Shanmukh fans and anchor Ravi fans are trolling Hyper Adi in a range. Currently this promo has gone viral.

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