Adipurush : As planned.. Postponed Adipurush.. simultaneously to June..

Adipurush : Adipurush is a movie based on Ramayana with Prabhas as the hero. Kritisanan is playing Sita and Saif Ali Khan is playing Ravanasur. Bollywood director Om Raut is making this movie with a huge budget of 400 crores. Due to this, there are huge expectations on this movie. Prabhas as Rama was highly imagined by the audience. The teaser of this movie was released recently.

After watching the teaser, everyone was surprised. If you think Ramayana is great, then you are making a toy movie, there are criticisms that it is only with graphics. Even if they want to show Ramayana, they have changed the characters of Ramayana. More people criticized that this is actually Ramayana. The audience trolled the movie Adipurush from all sides.

It was thought that the film, which was supposed to be released on Sankranti, would definitely be postponed. For the past few days, there have been reports that Adipurush’s movie will be postponed. Taking the trolls in the movie seriously, the film unit thought to make more changes in the graphics and visuals. This takes a lot of time. Not knowing what to say to the fans who are already waiting for this film, on the other hand, not knowing how to answer the critics of the film, the film unit has officially postponed the film.

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Recently, director Om Raut has officially announced that the film has been postponed. He posted this on his social media. Om Raut on his social media.. ”Adipurush is not just a movie. Our Sanshruti is a devotion and history of Lord Rama. For this we are working harder to show this movie better to the audience. That’s why we are postponing the movie. Adipurush movie will release on June 16, 2023. India will be proud of this film we are making. We need your support,” he said. With this, Prabhas fans are deeply disappointed and there is already negativity on the film, more negativity will come.

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