Adhire Abhi : Our family has been cursed.. That’s why we are scolding ourselves Abhi..!!

Adhire Abhi : Adhire Abhi has gained fame through many comedy skits along with Jabardhast show. Comedian Adire Abhi has gained many fans by making the television audience laugh in his own style. Along with growing up.. Abhi is the one who gave opportunities and gave life to many people in his team. But his recent comments have become a topic of discussion. Once upon a time, the comedians performing comedy on the Jabardast stage were like a family.

Adhire Abhi shares emotional post

We are called Jabardast family. They commented that such a family has been insulted and we are cursing ourselves. Abhi wrote this in his post. ‘Dishti hit our jabardast. This is our family, the judges who laugh and laugh, the team leaders who share with timing, the contestants who have mastered comedy, and the motherly sisters who feed everyone. When together there is no difficulty, time does not stand still. Kushala’s questions, handshakes, jokes upon jokes, laughter across the studio. Babu’s sobriety, Roja’s prank, Anasuya Rashmi’s beauty, the magic of skits. Rehearsals until the stage,

Adhire Abhi shares emotional post
Adhire Abhi shares emotional post

Adhire Abhi : Abhi Avedhana

Yet occasional spontaneity. Abhi wrote in his post that ‘Fojus’, photos with Patikavela’s check, judges’ counters, comments, compliments, suggestions, suggestions’ for poster of the day are not visible now. ‘Whose direction has been hit, we who have walked on one palm, whose path has been theirs. We, who do not understand anyone’s rural language, think of ourselves as our own words. I wish I could go back in time, I wish I could return to those days. Adire Abhi shared an emotional letter to Jabardast who makes everyone laugh, saying that it would be nice if the days of laughter would come again, and this post is currently going viral.

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