Adavi Sesh who believes in Balayya Babu… this is the sentiment…!

The buzz of big hero movies is over in Tollywood. Now the films of small heroes are being released in a row. And from Dussehra, the release of big hero movies will start in haste. If the release dates are not locked in advance, the producers and distributors will not get theaters. Even if the release dates are fixed in advance, there is no guarantee that another hero’s film will not come on that day. In this sequence, young hero Adavi Sesh, who is in good form with a hit movie like Major, is also getting ready for release in the latest movie Hit 2: The Second Case.

The film is slated to release on December 2. It was also officially announced that it will be released on that day. It is known that this movie is coming as a sequel to a hit movie in the past. But this date is the date that Balayya met. Last year on December 2, Balayya – Boyapati combo’s movie Akhanda became a super hit. What’s more, Akhanda, which became the biggest blockbuster hit in Balayya’s career. It crossed 200 crore collections.

With this, Balayya – Malineni Gopi combo Balayya 107 is also planned to release on the same day. Chiru 154, Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh films are in the race for 2023 Sankranti. Moreover Mythri Movies are the producers of both Chiru 154 and Balayya movies.. That’s why they are planning to release Balayya’s movie first in December. But now Balayya’s hit sentimental date has seen Adavi Sesh.

Moreover, natural star Nani is the producer of the hit movie. Shailesh Kolane, who directed the first part, is the director of the second part as well. Will Balayya get a hit on this date? Will Balayya Sentiment and Adavi Sesh come together as producers? That should be seen.

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