Actress Sreevani: TV actress Sreevani doesn’t talk anymore?.. Her husband said it’s a serious matter..

TV actress Srivani needs no special introduction. She is known to family audiences. Srivani reached the audience through many serials and movies. On the other hand, she is doing serials. It is known that she opened her own YouTube channel some time ago. She entertains her followers by sharing many videos like family matters, daily lifestyle and shooting updates. She has a lot of fans for the videos she shares. But the latest video she shared shocked her followers. In which her husband said.. Srivani, who is always talkative, has not been able to speak since last week. He said that it is really a serious matter.

Srivani, who speaks fluently, has been unable to speak properly since a week. So we made an ad with the dubbing artist. Besides, there are also comments saying check the voice. Earlier we thought that her voice was not good because of cold. But since a week, her voice is completely gone. Asalemi did not come to speak. If she goes to the doctor, he says that she should not speak at all for a month. He said that he is confident that she will be normal again after a month. Currently, a video related to this is going viral on social media.


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