Abbabba..What’s up Raa Babu..Crazy photos from Pawan’s movie leaked..!

Power star Pawan Kalyan, the leader of Janasena, is very busy. On the one hand, there are movies.. On the other hand, politics, Pawan does not have a moment’s leisure. Pawan aims to complete all the films in his hands in the backdrop of next year’s elections. The shooting of Harihara Veeramallu’s upcoming film directed by Krish is nearing its final stage. Preparations are being made to release this film in the month of May as a gift this summer. Also, the shooting of the movie which is coming as a remake of Kollywood hit movie Vinodayasitam is also going smoothly.

It is known that Pawan is playing a key role in this movie, where Pawan’s nephew Sai Tej is playing the hero. Tamil Nadu actor Samudrakhani is directing this movie. Word wizard Trivikram is driving the movie behind the scenes. Meanwhile, the problem of leaks has gripped this movie since before. No matter how much care is taken.. someone on the set is taking those photos with a smartphone and leaving them out.

These photos are slowly getting viral after putting them on the net. They are sharing Pawan Kalyan’s photos in seconds. With this, three or four stills have already come out in this movie. In the photos that have come out, Pawan is showing off in terms of glamour. These photos are a proof that Pawan is getting older but he is not getting any less. If the makers of this film do not take proper precautions, there is a risk of losing interest in the first look and teasers. Especially the director and producers should take great care not to leak even a single still from the set.

Only then will the film’s curiosity increase. And they are planning to complete the shooting of this film continuously and release it in August or September. However, two films are definitely coming from Pawan this year. If the shooting of Ustad Bhagat Singh is also complete, it will not be surprising if it will be released next Sankranti or December.

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