Abbabba.. after many years.. NTR who passed Mahesh in that matter..!!

No matter how busy they are in the movie, some star heroes act in advertisements and promote many branded products. In our Tollywood, Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun are in the front line. These heroes with star status are brand ambassadors for various brand products and are earning crores with both hands. Moreover, there is a talk in the film circles that they get more reward for each ad than the film.

Meanwhile, Junior NTR has entered the field to give tough competition to Mahesh Babu and Allu Arjun, who is promoting Cine Ads Advertisement branded products. Usually Jr. NTR does not like to do advertisement. At the beginning of the career some ads were promoted and then they put a full stop to them. Recently, NTR has become the brand ambassador of a brand product called Licious.


It is in this order that the details of this have become final. So far, Mahesh has set a record as the hero who has received the highest remuneration for advertisements. Now it seems that Nandamuri hero has broken that record and set a new record. Now it is said that the remuneration taken by NTR for this new ad is very high. NTR charged 50 lakh crores more than one lakh two lakhs. But Tarak did not demand this amount. The company made an offer to Tarak.

Nandamuri fans say that giving remuneration to NTR at this level is really super. In any case, NTR has once again proved that he is number one wherever he enters. NTR, who reigns as the number one hero on the silver screen, also gets the highest remuneration as the brand ambassador for the brand products and seems to be the number one hero.

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