Aamir’s sensational comments on KGF 2 movie.. Does he not believe in his movie?

Aamir Khan is the actor who has the highest hit percentage among the heroes in Bollywood. He has not done at least 35 films in his 35-year career. Aamir Khan does one film a year.. or one film every two or three years. But he will take all precautions to ensure that the film he makes will surely create records at the box office. If not, he will lose count. Aamir Khan is also lagging behind in understanding the changing mindset of the audience. The result of his previous movie Thugs of Hindustan is proof of that. This movie which came with huge expectations was a worst disappointment.

Aamir did not release another film for 4 years. His latest film Lal Singh Cheddha, in which he acted as the hero, will be released on August 11. It is noteworthy that Chiranjeevi is presenting this movie in Telugu. Moreover, Geetha Arts is releasing Aamir Khan’s movie in Telugu states. This hero is also doing promotions well. This is all well and good but some recent comments made by Aamir Khan have dampened interest in Lal Singh Cheddha. Actually the movie was supposed to release on April 14. But on the same day KGF Chapter 2 was released.

Needless to say, how big a sensation this movie created in Hindi. 55 crore collections on the first day alone and broke the Indian records. Talking about the competition with this film, Aamir Khan said that his film was not released then due to graphics delay.

Because Aamir Khan said that before KGF 2, his film would have been completely washed out. After hearing these comments, questions started on social media that he did not believe in his film. All the other heroes in Bollywood are afraid of Aamir’s film. Aamir Khan was so scared to see such a dubbing movie that there are also suspicions that there is no content in his movie. Coming as an emotional entertainer, Lal Singh Cheddha has less commercial aspects. And let’s see what kind of magic this movie will do at the box office.

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