Aadikeshava Trailer | Vaishnav Tej Adikesava trailer if ten heads fall on Ayodhya

Aadikeshava Trailer | Tollywood actor Panja Vaishnav Tej’s latest project is Aadikeshava. The film being developed as a PVT 4 project is definitely coming in the mass action commercial entertainer genre. Pelli Sanda D fame Srileela is playing the heroine in this film directed by Srikanth N Reddy. The makers have recently launched the trailer of Adikesava.

The trailer started with the introduction of the hero saying how stylish our man is even if he doesn’t have any work song. The love track of the heroines goes smoothly. After that, giving the villain’s entry..You will hear that Rama fell on Lanka..I will show you what would happen if the same ten heads fell on Ayodhya..the dialogues are impressive. Adikesava’s dialogues, saying that I am Rama in Ayodhya, Kadappa, that Ravana is measuring Rudrakaleshwar, are increasing the curiosity of the movie.

The title of Adi Keshav, which has already been launched, and the first glimpses of the video are raising curiosity about the film. The film is jointly produced by Nagavanshi and Sai Saujanya under Sithara Entertainments-Fortune Four Cinema banners. Adikesava Glimpses In the video, ‘Everything has been dug up.. but they have not come to our temple.. While the priest is saying to the bullies who have come to create destruction that it is not good for the village if Lord Shiva gets angry.. The action scenes of Vaishnav Tej seeing off those bullies are already creating super buzz in the movie.

Vaishnav Tej has given clarity with a glimpse video that he is going to be seen in a pure action mass avatar this time. Beast fame Aparna Das and Joju George are also playing key roles in this movie.

Adikesava trailer..


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