A theater is like a temple for cinema

‘Should we stop going to the temple because there is a pooja room at home? Also, theater is like a temple for cinema. Movies should be seen in theatres’ said star hero Prabhas. He was the chief guest at the pre-release program of the movie ‘Sita Ram’ in Hyderabad. Starring Dulquer Salmaan, Manal Thakur and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles, this film is produced by Ashwinidat under the banner of Swapna Cinema and Vyjayanthi Movies. Hanu Raghavapudi is the director. It will hit the screens tomorrow. In this program, hero Prabhas said… ‘Sita Ram’ is a must watch movie in the theatre. A beautiful love story is depicted in this movie. They shot in locations like Russia and Kashmir. Making a film like this is not an ordinary thing. Even if we have a pooja room in our house, we can watch movies in the theater just like going to a temple.

Theater is like a temple for movies’ he said. Producer Swapnadat said..’Prabhas usually does not come out. There are two reasons why he came to this program. One came for us, two came to live the movie in the theater. We thank him,” he said. Director Hanu Raghavapudi said…’An army is needed to fight a war. During the filming of this movie, we fought such a battle every day. All TV worked like an army. I can proudly say that we have made a great film.

You can’t look away while watching the movie. You will feel that all the characters in the story have become close friends’. Hero Dulquer Salmaan said, ‘Our long journey with this film has come to an end. It is a beautifully written and directed film. By playing the role of Lt. Rao, I have shown my respect to all the military brothers. This movie has left many unforgettable experiences for our film crew. We are going to show an honest love story. Actress Manal Thakur said…’The story of this film will move you. Rao enjoys every moment of Sita’s love story,’ she said.

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