A story written for mom

Young director Mr. Karthik got success by making the movie ‘Oke Oke Keevan’ with Sharwanand as the hero. This movie has been released recently and is getting good response. On this occasion, director Mr. Karthik reacted on the success of the film. He said..’I am happy to get success with a good film. It took two years to write this story. After five years of delay due to covid, we came before the audience. But my expectation was worth it. The movie has reached everyone. The audience has fulfilled our faith in this film.

Working with hero Sharwanand was a good experience. This movie gave us both the same emotions. The audience is getting excited for Amala’s performance. My mother could not see me becoming a director. Fell unconscious. This story was born out of the idea that she should know that I am going to greatness. The idea of ​​going back in time started then. Incorporating elements related to science in the story made it a new kind of movie. The idea of ​​taking Amala for the role of Amma was mine. After hearing the story, she also liked it very much. After watching the movie, Nagarjuna said to Sharvanand that I will treat you as my son from now on. I didn’t get this compliment but it felt like a compliment to me. I want to do all kinds of movies. Allu admires Arjun. I want to direct a film with him if I get a chance. Said that.

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