A most precious gift

Composer Keeravani and lyricist Chandra Bose won the Oscar award for the song ‘Natu Natu’ from the film ‘RRR’ and made India famous on the stage. Recently, famous American musician Richard Carpenter specially congratulated these two. It is known that Keeravani mentioned in his speech after receiving the Oscar award that he admires Richard Carpenter so much and grew up listening to his songs.

Keeravani showed her admiration by singing Richard Carpenter’s famous song ‘Top of the World’. In the latest video, Richard Carpenter sings the song ‘Top of the World’ with his family members and congratulates Keeravani and Chandra Bose. Keeravani reacted emotionally saying that she could not stop crying after watching this video and that this is the most precious gift of her life. Rajamouli also responded to Richard Carpenter’s video saying, ‘Annaiah Keeravani did not express his emotions anywhere in the Oscar campaign. Everywhere seemed calm. But after watching your video, I cried tears of joy. Our whole family will remember this gift given by you.’

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