A big shame for Katrina’s husband..Salman Khan who did such a thing among all..Start a new war in Bollywood..!!

This is really a shame for Katrina Kaif’s husband Vicky Kaushal. Salman Khan’s security team pushed Katrina Kaif’s husband among so many stars. Visuals of this present are going viral on social media. As we know, beautiful grandmother Katrina fell in love with Bollywood star hero Vicky Kaushal and got married. But the news that Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif had already fallen in love and wanted to get married went viral.

The two got separated due to conflicts between them. At that time there was publicity in the Bollywood media that a huge gift was sent for Salman Khan’s wedding as well. Salman is currently in Abu Dhabi for the IIFA Movie Festivals. But an incident that happened during the time Salman Khan went there has now become viral on social media. Along with Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif’s husband Vicky Kaushal also attended the same event.

In this order, when Vicky Kaushal was going to meet Salman Khan, the security pushed him away. Surprisingly, even though Salman Khan saw it, he did not say anything to the security. As a result, he was dishonored there. Vicky Kaushal’s fans are trolling Salman Khan and his staff in a range. Will the star insult the hero so badly..? They are giving it to Salman Khan saying that he did it with something in mind. How Vicky Kaushal’s wife Katrina Kaif will react to this video has become a question..!!

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