8 springs.. Oh the life of a woman

She is a smart daughter..a good friend..an unconditional lover..a proficient student of martial arts..a brilliant writer who can influence society..a woman who embodies humanity as a whole..her name is ‘Shuddhi Ayodhya’. ‘8 Vasantalu’ is a collection of emotions that revolves around her eight-year journey from the age of 19 to the age of 27. Avantika Sanilkumar, who gained recognition with the movie ‘Mad’, is being made in the lead role and directed by Phanindra Narsetti. It is remarkable that the prestigious Maitri Moviemakers are producing this movie. The makers released the first look poster of this movie on Friday. The makers have revealed Anantika’s getup as Shuddhi Ayodhya. Anantika is looking attractive in this look, with eyes, ears, and nose ring. Many people are of the opinion that this still can arouse interest in the movie as well. This movie is currently under production and will be released soon. Camera: Vishwanatha Reddy, Music: Naresh Kumaran, Producers: Naveen Yarneni, Y. Ravishankar.

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