3 Years for Aha : Telugu, Tamil.. Aha Next Target India?

3 Years for Aha : Telugu number one OTT platform Aha has completed its third anniversary. February 8 marks three years since the launch of Aha. With this, the Aha team thanked the audience for giving them such success and gathering so much public support. Movies, web series, dance and singing shows, cooking programs, talk shows.

3 Years for Aha: Aha created a new sensation in the talk show..

With Balayya’s unstoppable show, she has achieved a huge reach in two Telugu states. So much so that even the Aha site has taken over the craze. This talk show is well received not only in two Telugu states but also in other languages. With this, Aha team is launching Aha in other languages ​​as well. Aahani was launched in Tamil last year. Aha is already running with many series and shows there. It is all set to write a new chapter in Tamil too with star heroes like Jeeva as the host.

3 Years for Aha : Telugu boom in OTT world Aha.. third anniversary!

Also, India Wide Aha is rushing to start services along with other languages ​​in the South. Allu Arjun has a super fan base in Malayalam. If Aha keeps up the same speed, it is sure to enter Malayalam soon. Telugu cinema currently rules the Indian box office. Soon Mana Aha will also go with a new trend towards winning the OTT sector. Now he is ready to bring his new shows and web series to the audience. In this order, a series with hero Navadeep has been announced.

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