Urfi Javed had suffered father’s oppression in childhood, expressed pain and said, ‘Fashion has recovered…’

Urfi Javed On Fashion: Fashion queen Urfi Javed is often in headlines for her outlandish style and quirky fashion sense. Everyone is surprised to see the unusual fashion ideas of Urfi Javed. Not only this, Bigg Boss OTT fame is also known for her outspoken statements. Urfi often engages trolls through social media. However, Urfi Javed’s love and passion for fashion attracts a lot of people. Urfi Javed has worked hard for the stage at which the actress is today. Recently the social media sensation attended a fashion event during which she revealed a lot about her outfit ideas and her love for fashion.

When Urfi Javed (Uorfi Javed Instagram) was asked from where her love for fashion started, to which the actress said that she was infatuated with fashion in her childhood itself. He told that his childhood was very bad. The actress revealed, “I had a very bad childhood, the only thing that made me feel good was making things out of clothes and wearing them, fashioning them and doing make-up. When everything went wrong, I would dress up and be myself.” I used to see myself in the mirror and it made me feel very good.” Urfi Javed further added, “So fashion is a way for me to feel good about myself.” Please tell that Urfi Javed recently made a disclosure that he has faced a lot of beatings from his father in his childhood.

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urfi made dress from bamboo basket

Tell that recently Urfi Javed surprised everyone by making a dress from bamboo basket. She had made such a unique dress from a bamboo basket, seeing which even the fans were stunned. Seeing this DIY hack of Urfi Javed, the fans are also in awe.

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