Urfi Javed got angry on Sonali Kulkarni’s statement, said on calling girls lazy, ‘What’s wrong with it?’

Urfi Javed slams Sonali Kulkarni’s comment on girls: TV serial actress Urfi Javed has recently reacted to the statement of Sonali Kulkarni, in which the actress said in a media conclave that girls are lazy. Speaking about girls in this media conclave, the actress had said that Indian girls are lazy. The actress had said, ‘Girls want a boyfriend or husband who earns well. Who has a house Who has a good car The one who has assurance that he is certain to get increment. Now on this comment actress Urfi Javed gave a befitting reply.

Urfi Javed put a class on Sonali Kulkarni’s statement

Recently, while commenting on social media, actress Urfi Javed wrote, ‘How insensitive. Whatever you said You are calling Indian women lazy. Who herself handles her work and household chores simultaneously. What’s wrong with seeking a well-earning husband? For years, men have looked at women only from the point of view of child-bearing machines, and yes, a major reason for this is dowry. Ladies don’t be afraid to make demands. Yes, you are right that women should also work. But this is such a privilege that not everyone is blessed with. You too must have seen this.

What was the full statement of Sonali Kulkarni?

Sonali Kulkarni advised women to become self independent

Emphasizing on women empowerment, actress Sonali Kulkarni had said, ‘Make a woman who can earn for herself. Those who can say that we have to buy a new fridge at home, then you give half the money and I give the other half. The actress had made it clear that her aim was not to create quarrels in the houses. But she wants that women should also have the power to earn on their own. Sonali Kulkarni said that there is pressure on the boys of the house to earn only after 18 years. Whereas girls till 27-28 years are not able to decide what they want to do. Along with this, she keeps putting pressure on the boys that they have to do honeymoon in foreign countries and not in India.

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