Tunisha Sharma had asked for a loan of Rs 3,000 from her friend Sonia, lied to her mother a day before the suicide

Tunisha Sharma Suicide: New things are coming to the fore in the TV actress Tunisha Sharma case. last 2 january Sheezan Khan (Sheezan Khan)’s family held a press conference Tunisha Sharma (Tunisha Sharma)’s mother and Sanjeev Kaushal were accused. He even claimed that Tunisha’s money was controlled by her mother and uncle and the actress yearned for every single penny. Now a new angle has come to the fore in this matter. Actually, Tunisha Sharma’s friend Sonia Singh revealed that many times Tunisha did not have money. Even before the suicide, Tunisha had asked Sonia for a loan of Rs 3,000.

Money crunch used to live with Tunisha Sharma

In Tunisha Sharma’s case, her friend Sonia Singh said, “Tunisha was often short of money. She had asked me for a loan of Rs 3,000 recently. When I asked her the reason, Tunisha told that her Don’t have money.”

Tunisha lied to her mother a day before her death

Tunisha Sharma’s friend Sonia Singh also claimed that she had asked her mother to lie about a day before the suicide. Actually, Tunisha Sharma had called Sonia Singh and said that if mummy gets a call, she should tell that Tunisha is with me. Sonia says she does not understand why Tunisha is asking her to do this.

Tunisha had complained about Sheejan

Tunisha Sharma had also talked about Sheejan Khan with Sonia Singh. On December 14, Tunisha had told Sonia that Sheejan had said that he needed space. According to Tunisha, Sheejan did not like that he kept talking about love all the time. Sonia had also explained to Tunisha that this often happens in relationships.


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