Tejasswi Prakash will say goodbye to Mumbai forever before marriage? luxurious house bought in goa

Naagin 6 Star Tejasswi Prakash buys house in Goa: Ekta Kapoor The Supernatural Show ‘Naagin 6’ (Naagin 6) actress seen in Tejasswi Prakash She is constantly dominated on social media. Fans keep a close eye on Tejaswi Prakash’s every move. Even at this time Tejashwi Prakash is gathering limelight on social media. Sometime back Tejashwi Prakash has bought a luxurious house in Goa. Tejashwi Prakash himself has given this information. Photos and videos of Tejashwi Prakash are making a splash on social media. In these pictures and videos, Tejashwi Prakash is seen taking the keys of his new house.

Some time back, Karan Kundra has also congratulated Tejashwi Prakash for taking home. Karan Kundrra has posted a picture of Tejasswi Prakash on his Instagram story. In this picture, Tejashwi Prakash is seen taking the keys of his house. Sharing this picture, Tejashwi Prakash wrote, ‘Many congratulations to you…. You deserve to win the whole world. I’m proud of you You are working very hard. God bless you have a house in every city. Love You….’

Tejashwi Prakash will shift to Goa?

Pictures of Tejashwi Prakash’s house have rocked social media. Fans feel that Tejashwi Prakash is going to get married soon. Fans are even speculating that after marriage, Tejashwi Prakash will shift to Goa with Karan Kundra. Although it is a bit difficult to do so. Tejashwi Prakash is currently at the peak of his career. Tejashwi Prakash has no shortage of work. In such a situation, going to Goa will not be easy for Tejashwi Prakash.

See pictures of Tejashwi Prakash’s house-

Tejasswi Prakash is playing double cry in Naagin 6

It is worth noting that Tejashwi Prakash is currently making a splash in Naagin 6. Tejashwi Prakash is playing a double loan in this show. Tejashwi Prakash got a chance to work with Prateek Sehjpal after the leap. However, in the house of Bigg Boss 15, there was tremendous enmity between Tejashwi Prakash and Prateek Sehjpal. Both these stars have forgotten their enmity for Naagin 6.

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