Nisha Rawal was furious after hearing the allegations of Karan Mehra’s extra-marital affair, respect was raised in front of the era

Nisha Rawal on Karan Mehra’s Extra-Marital Affair Accusations: Kangana Ranaut reality show of ‘Lock Up’ rocking actress Nisha Rawal There is a lot of turmoil in his personal life. Some time ago, Karan Mehra had alleged that Nisha Rawal is having an extra-marital affair with someone. in a press conference Karan Mehra had claimed that his affair was a mouthful brother Rohit Satiya is going on with the one who had donated his daughter in marriage.

This allegation of Karan Mehra created a ruckus on social media. Till now even Nisha Rawal had not talked about this. Meanwhile, Nisha Rawal has hit back at Karan Mehra. Like Karan Mehra, Nisha Rawal has also organized a press conference on the previous day. Nisha Rawal has made shocking revelations in this press conference.

Nisha Rawal furious at media

Nisha Rawal told the media, ‘Whatever is going on at this time, stop it. This drama is increasing day by day. Media talks are not taking the name of ending. Let us end this story well. I feel strange. I feel bad for my son and myself now. Later on my son will also watch these videos. People talk about me whenever I step out of the house. This is having a bad effect on my son.

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Nisha Rawal hit back at Karan Mehra

Further Nisha Rawal said, ‘No one is understanding that Karan Mehra is playing the sympathi card. I want to give a good environment to my son. Karan Mehra is not supporting me in this work. Now I have to take care of my son alone. Karan Mehra doesn’t need to think about what is going on in my personal life. I don’t want to defame anyone’s name. The easiest thing to do is to throw mud at a woman’s character. Everyone believed Karan Mehra’s allegations. I will not take anyone’s name here.

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