Imlie Spoiler 30 March: Atharv will wander from door to door in search of Imlie, will teach patience a lesson in front of him

Imlie spoiler March 30: Star Plus’ hit TV show ‘Imlie’ is winning hearts of the viewers. The story of the serial has reached to the second generation and everyday one gets to see a new drama in the story. Megha Chakraborty (Megha Chakraborty) and Karan Vohra The (Karan Vohra) starrer got to see in the last episode of this serial that Dhairya is accused of blood and that is why he kidnaps Imlie. He does all this in front of Atharv and the policemen, whose temper is high. At the same time, in the upcoming episode, Atharva will face Dhairya.

Atharva wanders door to door for Imlie

TV serial ‘Tamarind‘ (Imlie) further to see that after Imlie is kidnapped, Atharv is not able to sit peacefully and he starts searching for her in the forest. During this, he even gets close to Imlie and Dhairya a couple of times but he is unable to save his wife. Dhairya, on the other hand, wanders all day with Imlie and then he takes her to an empty deserted place through the forest.

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Patience will reach the tamarind

To see further in the serial, it will be seen that Imlie goes unconscious at night and Dhairya stays awake all night and takes care of her. He also prepares a paste for the wound on her leg. On the other hand, as soon as Imlie regains consciousness the next day, she tries to run away from there but Patience does not allow this to happen. On the other hand, Atharv also reaches the same place where Dhairya keeps Imlie.

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Imlie will find the real killer

In the story of serial Imlie, it will be seen further that Atharv’s anger will explode after seeing Dhairya and he will start killing her. During this, both will accuse each other of murder. Then Imlie will come between both of them and explain to them that both of you have not committed any blood. That murder has been done by some third person only. Both will be surprised to hear this.

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