Imlie 2: To compete with Anupama, the makers got 3 stars to enter together, TRP will come to a halt

3 New Entries in Imlie 2: Serial ‘Imli 2’ (Imlie) The cards of Fahman Khan and Sumbuwal Tauqeer Khan have been cleared. After the death of Imli and Aryan in the serial ‘Imlie 2’, their daughters are taking the story forward. While tamarind is very straight on one side and on the other hand sugar is very sharp. The Chinese have already started troubling the tamarind. At the same time, Aparna also does not like tamarind. Aparna feels that her daughter-in-law and son have died because of tamarind. Arpana blames Tamarind for this incident. Meanwhile, the makers have made preparations to make the story of Tamarind even more interesting.

It is reported that the entry of 3 stars is going to happen in the serial Imli soon. Serial ‘Tamarind’ The first name in this list of stars seen in the film is James Gade. In Imli 2, James Gade will play an important character named Ripu. At the same time, the makers have also finalized the name of Sweetu Panjwani for Imli 2.

Leap has come in serial Imli 2

TV actress Sweetu Panjwani is also going to be a part of the cast of Imli 2. The third name in this list is of Riya Gupta. Rhea Gupta plays the character of Parul in Imli 2. Overall, to make the story of Imli 2 a hit, the makers are getting new characters to enter. Recently Karan Vohra, Megha Chakraborty and Saumya Saraswat have entered the serial Imli 2 as the main leads.

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Tamarind love story will start

Atharv Imli and Cheeni’s love story is going to start soon in Imli 2. Atharv has already given heart to Chini. However, Atharv’s family will try to make Tamarind the daughter-in-law of their house. However, till the end, Atharv will not know that he is not getting married to sugar but to tamarind.

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