Imlie 16 March Spoiler: Imlie will expose Akash in front of Atharv, Dhairya will create ruckus in Rana house

Imlie March 16 Spoiler: Megha Chakraborty and Karan Vohra starrer TV serial ‘Imli’ has created a space among the fans in no time due to its funny turns and twists. Earlier, the pair of Sumbul Tauqeer Khan and Fahman Khan was seen in this serial. At the same time, now Megha and Karan are winning the hearts of the people together. In the last episode of the serial, it was seen that Imlie and Atharv’s family gets attacked by some goons and all of them together take the name of Dhairya, who works in their company. At the same time, tremendous drama will be seen in the upcoming episodes as well. In this episode, Imlie will expose her brother-in-law i.e. Akash.

Everyone’s doubt will be on patience

Serial ‘TamarindIn the upcoming episode of Imlie, it will be seen that Imlie and Atharv’s family returns to their home after surviving the attack and here Akash Bhai tells everyone that Dhairya has done a scam of Rs 50 lakh and that is why He has got us attacked. This enrages Atharv and goes to take revenge on Patience. Imlie, on the other hand, tries to make the horses of her mind run and then she understands that patience is not here for a long time. So how will he get the attack done?

Atharv and patience will come face to face

To see further in the story, Imlie goes to tell Atharv about Akash but only then she comes to know that he has left and then she also follows him to Atharv’s place. But here Imlie’s life gets in danger and then patience plays her life. After this, Imlie asks him the reason for attacking the Rana family and he himself is shocked. Just then Atharv reaches here and then there is a scuffle with his patience. But Imlie separates the two.

Akash will vandalize Atharva’s house

In the story of serial ‘Imlie’, further to see that Akash will vandalize Dhairya’s house to hide his mistakes and when Atharv reaches here with Imlie and Dhairya’s mother, he is shocked to see everything. However, now patience is also not going to remain calm here. He too will go to Rana house and break a lot of stuff, which will bring a tremendous twist in the story.

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