Imlie 15 March Spoiler: A new threat will come in Atharv-Imlie’s happy life, the family will be attacked in the middle of the road

Imlie 15 March written update: Star Plus’s TV serials rock the TRP list, including Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai to Anupama’s name. The serial ‘Imli’ has also made its special place among the fans within a short span of time. To keep this serial fun, the makers also do not leave a single chance to spice up the story. in the story of the serial Megha Chakraborty (Megha Chakraborty), Seerat Kapoor and Karan Vohra (Karan Vohra) is seen in the lead role. Sugar is gone from Imlie and Atharv’s life in the story. Both have tied the knot and now everyone’s life is going well. Let us tell you the condition of the upcoming episode.

Atharv will promise to support Imlie

Serial ‘TamarindIn the upcoming episode of Imlie, we will see Imlie with her husband Atharv and family at Pagdandiyan village and here Atharv will make a lot of promises to Imlie. He will tell his lovely wife that whatever you want to do in life, do it. Dadda (Nana ji) is happy seeing these two together and prays to God that everything goes well in their lives. But then in the serial, the flame of the lamp of the temple becomes restless, which is a message of danger in the story.

The men of the house will cook and feed everyone

To see further in the story, it will be seen that Atharv first recites his song to everyone, listening to which they come out of the house and then all the men of the house cook food on the village chulha, which is first tested by Imlie. However, Imlie helps everyone in cooking. After this fun everyone leaves the village on footpaths.

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Goons will attack the family

In the serial ‘Imli’, we will see further that Imlie and Atharv’s family gets attacked by goons on the way and demands all the valuables from them. But when it comes to Imlie’s mangalsutra, she refuses to give it, following which a fight ensues between Atharv and the goons. Because of this all those goons get enraged even more. But people together make the goons taste the fun. During this, one of them takes the name of patience and tells that he has sent all the goons.

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