Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum: ‘Hum’ is the story of Shiva and bubbly Tina bound in traditions, fans got excited after watching the promo

Tina Datta Jay Bhanushali Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum: TV’s famous actor Jay Bhanushali and actress Tina Dutta’s show ‘Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum’ is ready to knock on TV. Tina Dutta And the fans were not only excited about this upcoming show of Jai Bhanushali, but the promos related to it have taken the fans’ excitement to the seventh sky. In fact, recently Jai Bhanushali and Tina Dutta’swe stay or we stayThe promo of ‘ has been released, in which Jai Bhanushali appeared tied to the tradition and status of his family, while Tina Dutta appeared in the role of a bubbly girl.

Tina Dutta (Tina Datta) has shared the promo video of ‘Hum’ from her Instagram account, which has been viewed more than 42 thousand times so far. In this video, along with Jai Bhanushali’s acting, Tina Dutta’s flirtatiousness was also liked by the people. Jai Bhanushali will play the role of Shiva in the serial. It was seen in the video that Shiv is the son of a high family of Ranabgarh who is bound by the tradition and status of his family. Change in traditions is not possible in Shiva’s family, because there change means storm.

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But Tina’s entry will not only bring a change in Shiv’s life, but will also bring a storm in his palace made of traditions. In this video, Shiva i.e. Jai Bhanushali was also seen saying, “Never thought that we would bring the storm to Ranbgarh.” Let us tell you that this show of Tina Dutta and Jai Bhanushali will start on Sony TV from 10th April.

Fans got excited after watching the promo of ‘Hum’

Tina Dutta and Jai Bhanushali After watching the promo video of ‘Hum’, the fans were quite excited. One user wrote, “Very excited for this show.” While another user wrote, “Many congratulations.” Some users even remembered Shiv Thackeray on hearing the name of Shiva. One user wrote, “Hey Shiv here too, why so?”

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