Divya Agarwal extended her hand in front of Anurag Kashyap for work, shared the video and said – I have no shame…

Divya Agarwal Asks For Work To Anurag Kashyap: TV’s famous actress Divya Aggarwal is in the limelight these days. Many times the actress also comes under the target of trolls regarding her social media posts and personal life. recently Divya Agarwal (Divya Agarwal) sent an open letter to Bollywood’s famous filmmaker Anurag Kashyap through a video. He sought work from Anurag Kashyap in front of the world. While some TV stars supported Divya Agarwal for this video, some stars were also seen trolling her fiercely.

Divya Agarwal told in her video how people are asking her to jump from the roof. Talking about it, he said, “Hello Affection Sir, I have been in the industry for 15 years, have done a lot of work and still getting a lot of work. I am getting offers to jump off buildings, fight, do reality shows and there is no harm in that I have done a lot. Just sir, now I want to do something in which my heart is interested. I saw you during a workshop and wanted to work with you ever since. I want to take advantage of my social media to give this open letter to you.


Divya Agarwal (Divya Agarwal) did not stop here. Addressing Anurag Kashyap, she further said, “I don’t want you to give me a web show in bailout, give me a film. Tell me how to audition. I am getting work but I don’t want to do it.” I want to work with you. You tell me how to do it.” Sharing this video, Divya Aggarwal wrote, “This is an open letter to Anurag Kashyap. Call me a fool, but I will do it. I will ask for work in front of everyone, I have no shame.”

User trolled Divya Agarwal

After watching this video of Divya Agarwal, some users were seen trolling her. One user wrote, “Drama all the time.” While another user wrote, “This is some way of begging.” A user taunted Divya Agarwal, writing, “Tu hi to bolti thi Bigg Boss OTT mein ki mujhe kaam nahi chahti nahi chahta hai. Ab kya ho gaya.” Taking a jibe at Divya Agarwal, a user wrote, “Now donkeys will also run in the horse race.”


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