Dipika Kakar got 100 outfits made for the wedding of her beloved sister-in-law, shedding money like water

Dipika Kakar to design 100 outfits for saba Ibrahim’s Wedding: tv actor Shoaib Ibrahim (Shoaib Ibrahim)’s sister is going to be a bride soon. Some time ago, Saba Ibrahim announced this by sharing a post. At the same time, Shoaib Ibrahim had also stamped this news in his blog. In his blog, Shoaib Ibrahim had introduced the fans to Jamai Khalid Miyaz of the house. The family members fondly call Khalid Miyaz Sunny. Shoaib Ibrahim had told the fans that Saba and Khalid Miyaz have known each other for 6 years. Both are doing love marriage. The family of both has hardly accepted for this relationship.

Shoaib Ibrahim had claimed that he is going to fulfill all the wishes in his sister’s wedding. meanwhile Dipika Kakar (Dipika Kakar) has started preparing for her sister-in-law’s wedding. Dipika Kakar has started buying clothes for Saba’s wedding. According to the news, Dipika Kakar has bought 100 pairs of clothes for her sister-in-law’s wedding. Yes, you heard it right…

Dipika Kakar will make sister-in-law’s wedding special

Some time ago Deepika Kakkar has shared a blog on social media. In this blog, Dipika Kakar is seen shopping for clothes. During this, Dipika Kakar took 100 clothes of her sister-in-law’s choice. Seeing Dipika Kakar’s love for her sister-in-law, the fans are in a daze.

See pictures of Dipika Kakar-

Dipika Kakar gave a surprise to the fans

In this blog, Dipika Kakar has also given a glimpse of some clothes of her choice. Fans are also liking Dipika Kakar’s choice a lot. It is worth mentioning that Dipika Kakar takes great care of her in-laws after marriage. Dipika Kakar has taken all the responsibilities of Saba’s marriage. Dipika Kakar is helping in every marriage work. This is the reason why fans call Deepika Kakkar the ideal daughter-in-law.

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