Deepika Kakkar’s blood boiled in order to make the reception of sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim perfect, she took a media class

Dipika Kakar gets angry with paparazzi: tv actor Shoaib Ibrahim (Shoaib Ibrahim)’s sister Saba Ibrahim Are bound in marriage. Shortly before, the family members had organized the reception party of Saba Ibrahim. In this reception party, Saba Ibrahim arrived with her husband as Apsara. Seeing the style of Saba Ibrahim, people’s eyes stopped. Meanwhile, a video of Saba Ibrahim’s reception party is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In this video, even Deepika Kakkar is seen lashing out at the media. This is the first time that Deepika Kakkar has taken a class in front of the media.

Now everyone knows that to make Saba Ibrahim’s marriage perfect Deepika Kakkar (Dipika Kakar) has been preparing for months. Deepika Kakkar has performed each and every responsibility of Saba Ibrahim’s marriage with great sincerity. Deepika Kakkar was keeping an eye on all the movement in the reception party as well.

Before the entry of sister-in-law, Deepika Kakkar was seen telling everyone how to turn the reception party. During the reception party of Saba Ibrahim, as soon as the married couple entered the venue, there was a stir among the media. Deepika Kakkar’s temperature rose as soon as there was chaos among the media.

In the video going viral, Deepika Kakkar is seen scolding the media. Dipika Kakar told the people covering the reception party that they would have to stay outside. In such a situation, Shoaib Ibrahim tried to handle the matter. Shoaib Ibrahim told the media that he has to do the coverage comfortably so that no one has any problem.

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Although the fans are surprised to see this style of Deepika Kakkar. People have not seen Deepika Kakkar getting angry on the media like this even till date. This is the reason why this video of Deepika Kakkar is becoming increasingly viral in no time.

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