BJP leader demanded action on Urfi Javed, the angry actress said – I cannot be sent to jail because…

Police Complaint Against Urfi Javed: TV’s famous actress Urfi Javed is once again caught in a legal tussle regarding her dressing sense. BJP leader Chitra Wagh herself met the Mumbai Police Commissioner Urfi Javed Have complained and have also demanded strictest action against them. BJP Neda of Maharashtra says that Urfi Javed roams the streets of Mumbai wearing a revealing dress. Chitra Wagh demanded that Urfi Javed should be stopped from doing so. Chitra Wagh has also tweeted about the matter, which is becoming very viral. On the other hand, social media users were quite happy with the complaint made against Urfi Javed.

Maharashtra BJP leader Chitra Wagh Urfi Javed In which he wrote, “Met the Honorable Police Commissioner and Joint Commissioner of Mumbai and demanded immediate action against Urfi Javed. Who roams the streets of Munhai and displays her body in public places.” Please inform that Chitra Wagh had met the Police Commissioner on January 1 and complained against Urfi Javed.


Urfi Javed got angry on BJP leader

Chitra Wagh also demanded that Urfi Javed be stopped from showcasing the female body on the streets. Please tell that Urfi Javed himself has also given a reaction on the matter. Responding to Chitra Wagh’s complaint, he wrote, “New year begins with another politician’s police complaint. These politicians don’t have real work? Are these politicians and lawyers idiots?”

Urfi Javed did not stop here. He further wrote in his tweet, “There is no such article of the constitution that can send me to jail. The definition of indecency is different for everyone. Unless my private parts are visible, you cannot send me to jail.” These people are doing this just to get media attention.”


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