Anupama Upcoming Twist: Anupama will become Kinjal’s shield, Rakhi will beg for forgiveness

Anupama Upcoming Twist: Serial ‘AnupamaIn this, Toshu has ruined Kinjal’s life in a jiffy. Even after running an extra marital affair, Toshu is not realizing his mistake. Toshu doesn’t even care what Anupama, Vanraj and Rakhi are telling him. Serial ‘Anupama’ (Anupamaa Latest Episode) Till now you have seen that Anupama tries to explain her mistake to Toshu. On the contrary, Toshu will prove Anupama wrong. In such a situation, Vanraj in anger will throw Toshu out of the house. Kinjal also tells Toshu fiercely. Meanwhile, another fierce drama is going to happen in Shah House.

Serial ‘Anupama’ In the upcoming episode of Anupamaa Upcoming Episode, you will see that Toshu will be shocked after leaving the house. Toshu will promise himself that he will take revenge on Anupama for this incident. On the other hand Anuj will try to handle Anupama. Anuj will go to his house with Anu and rest of the family. Anupama will spend the night at Shah House itself.

Will curse Anupama fiercely

Rupali Ganguly Kinjal’s health will deteriorate due to Toshu’s departure in the show of Sudhanshu Pandey and Gaurav Khanna. Kavya and Anupama together will handle Kinjal. Anupama will spend the whole night near Kinjal. At the same time, Anupama’s shortcomings will be counted again and again. Bapuji will stop speaking of Baa. Bapuji will say that Vanraj and Toshu have ruined their own lives. Anupama has no hand in this.

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Rakhi will apologize to Anupama

Soon Rakhi is going to apologize to Anupama. Rakhi will tell Anupama that she had become blind in love with her daughter. This is the reason why he created such a big ruckus in the house. Anupama will forgive Rakhi without delay. After which Anupama will explain to Kinjal. Anupama will say that Kinjal will have to start her life afresh. After which Anuj and Anupama are about to decide to adopt Kinjal and her child.

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