Anupama Spoiler: Vanraj will kick an unworthy child out of the house, Anupama will be blamed for breaking the house

Anupama: Like every week, TV’s famous serial ‘Anupama’ remained at number one in the TRP list this week. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna The TRP ranking of (Gaurav Khanna’s) show ‘Anupama’ may have been lower than last time, but with the constant twists and turns this week, it can be said that the show is going to make a mess once again. Rupali Ganguly In the show Anupama, it was shown the previous day that after hearing the false promises of Paritosh, Anupama is unable to stop herself and exposes her son’s deeds in front of everyone. On hearing the truth, the ground slips under the feet of the entire family including Kinjal. But ‘AnupamaThe twists coming in ‘ (Anupama) do not end here.

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Kinjal will teach a lesson to Paritosh

Instead of apologizing for his mistakes, Paritosh covers it up by repeatedly calling it a physical necessity. Hearing these things, Kinjal’s blood boils and she starts asking if she makes the same mistake. Kinjal questions Toshu that I too will only pass the time and I promise it will only be a fling. Toshu starts shouting at this, but Kinjal also does not leave any stone unturned to shut his mouth.

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Vanraj will push Paritosh out of the house

to Kinjal Anupama She tells him to take a decision, but Baa and Rakhi Dave pressurize her, and also advise her to think about her daughter. Kinjal, on the other hand, doesn’t mind Toshu’s words at all and decides to leave him. But Vanraj says that Kinjal will not go anywhere, if anyone will go, it is Paritosh. In the upcoming episode of ‘Anupama’, Vanraj will push her out of the house.

Vanraj will slap an unworthy son

On the other hand, when Vanraj gets angry on Paritosh, he tells his father that he can understand him because he himself is also a man. On this Vanraj gets enraged and slaps him hard. Paritosh says I feel sorry till today. I still loved Kavya, but you have kept it as a joke.

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Paritosh will give the baddua to his mother

Rupali Ganguly In the show ‘Anupama’, it will be shown that after being thrown out of Vanraj’s house, Paritosh gets angry at his mother Anupama and says, “Anupama Kapadia, I will never forgive you.” Let us tell you that it is believed that not only Paritosh but Rakhi Dave and Baa will also hold Anupama responsible for breaking Kinjal and Toshu’s house.


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